AIPS (Albanian Institute of Political Studies) was founded in 2006 in Tirana by researches of politics, democracy, law and media with the aim of surveying important State and Social topics; monitoring government activities related to political parties, state institutions.AIPS is non-governmental organization in the field of Political Studies in Albania. Its main focus is to monitor the political transition process, the political activity, constitutional institutions, and public education through the principles of transparency, participation, representation and recognition of fundamental concepts for a functional democracy. The organization team consists of researchers, lecturers and activists of civil society recognized.

AIPS received support by:

  • OSCE projects (electoral reform 2014)
  • Agency of Civil Society Protection (local government elections of 2014)
  • Swedish Government (Youth and Criminality 2014)
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Democracy within the Political parties 2014)
  • UAMD University (post-election monitoring of local government units 2015)
  • Ministry of Culture ( 2014-2015)
  • Small Grants Program of the US Embassy (local elections of 2015, Why do you vote? Things are good the way they are!?)
  • SOROS (The Open Society Foundation- transparency and information program 2015)

AIPS was among the 7 Special Election organizations that monitored the local elections, and with the cooperation of UN Women finalized a project related to women voters of the 2015 local elections. Over the past years the institute has remained active by participating in international conferences, and the consistent contribution on publications of international reports regarding developments in Albania. AIPS has accomplished some of its work by cooperating with international organizations such as Freedom House, Besterlman Stiffung, Transparency International, European Council, OSCE, Media Institute of Albania, etc.

For more information on all activities of the organization, you can visit the official AIPS website at